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Teen surliness captured in stop motion

This won the Oscar for best animated short film in 2007, and you can see why. It clocks in at 30 minutes long, and the animation is incredible.

This is a modernised take on the original Prokofiev tale. It uses the music throughout, but here Peter lives with his cantankerous grandfather, is bullied by local poachers and appears to have no friends, other than his pet duck and a passing crow. The other children in the town eye him with suspiscion, and he cannot join in with their games. In this film Peter is unhappy and dreams of exporing the woods at the back of the house. As we know, this leads to disastrous consequences.

This film is beautifully moving and reminds you of just how incredible stop motion can be. For the first few minutes I couldn’t quite tell whether it was CGI or not, as it’s so detailed and smooth. It’s well worth viewing if you have the opportunity and enjoy the experience of painstakingly created animation.

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