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Throwaway DVD? July 17, 2006

Posted by stephenw in : Comment , trackback

I’ve just bought yet another DVD from the Music Zone store in Manchester. It’s yet another horror film ;  The Last Horror Movie a low budget British thriller directed by Julian Richards. It’s had mixed reviews so I’m looking forward to watching it (whenever that might be).

However my decision to buy this DVD was greatly influenced by its price, a snip at £2.97. It puzzles me how a store can sell a title for less than a fish and chip supper and still make a profit. Are DVD’s becoming throwaway commodities? It’s certainly a phenomenon I don’t remember happening with video tapes. There was a line of budget VHS titles that came out in the mid-eighties which were sold in stores like Woolworth’s for around £4.99 but this was the exception rather than the rule (I’ve still got Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1956), my first ever pre-recorded tape).

Prices for DVD’s are now so low that it’s cheaper to buy, watch and throw away a DVD than hire it from a rental library. Of course, you have to wait a little longer and not all titles are reduced but I find myself buying more of the little shiny disks than I ever did of the old clunky video tapes. Long may it continue.


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