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Well then July 13, 2006

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I don’t suppose anyone will want to read the film ramblings and jottings of a middle-aged librarian but here they are anyway. I’ve never used a blog before (is it that obvious?) so please bear with me whilst I try to figure everything out. Should only take me a month or so…

I reckon this is going to take the form of a diary, with brief reviews of most movies I see, along with comments on film in general. Expect to find all kinds of movies discussed here, with a bias towards horror and science-fiction. My tastes are generally old fashioned but I can be persuaded to see the occasional contemporary offering. At the moment I’m going through the Ultimate Matrix box set. I’m seeing the trilogy for the first time and I’m struck already by the difference in quality from one film to another. More on this in a day or two. Enough preamble. There’s work to be done.


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