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I have found myself visiting the cinema less and less these days due in part to the advent of DVD, soaring prices, mobile phone users that do not understand either the off button or the silent profile for 2 hours and constantly yapping chavs in general ruining the preformance. Oh, and a special mention to the seat back kickers as well, wouldn’t want them to miss out on their glory.

There is however something compelling about watching a summer popcorn blockbuster on the big screen though so occasional visits are warranted. One thing I do try to do wherever possible is to grab preview tickets for upcoming movies that various organisations like to give away. It’s a lot harder these days though - I remember not so long ago when a pair of tickets were guaranteed every single time, but those days have long since passed - very hit and miss now.

Anyway getting back on track - have watched previews of two other movies in the past couple of weeks Pixars latest animation Cars and The Break-Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. 

Cars although taking far more negative flak in some places than is usual for a Pixar movie is solid entertainment - I enjoyed, the other half loved and children of all ages will dig it. And the toys come christmas no doubt. The story maybe is basically Doc Hollywood, but don’t let that put you off. The animation is superb and the best yet from Pixar by far, the voice talent delivers (yes good old John Ratzenberger is in there too of course) and there are quite a few laughs too. Solid Family entertainment. The end credits are a hoot (could be the first time I have sat through an entire end credits sequence and not looked at the actual credits at all) and the action continues until the final obligatory after end credits scene. All in all a solid thumbs up from me.

 The Break-Up

The Break-Up on the other hand, left me feeling a bit meh really. Good performances, especially Vince and Jon but it just didn’t do it for me in the end. I suspect the ending was tacked on just in case it did well, in which case the sequel ”The Get-Together” could be rolled out. More of a chicks movie really and I am sure the female population will appreciate it more than myself.

Until next time folks - be good…

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