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A few things have always baffled me about Earthquake.
1. Why does nobody in authority believed anyone who says that an earthquake is imminent even when they are very well aware that they live in a part of the world which is particularly prone to such a disaster.
2. Why is Ava Gardner, still beautiful in the […]

Klute and some thoughts on Ms. Fonda

I watched “Monster-In-Law” the other day for reasons I won’t go into here and, painfully awful as most of it was, it made me wish that Jane Fonda hadn’t spent fifteen years away from movies. In what is little but a pile of sentimental, toothless shite, she displays enough grace and charisma to blow J-Lo […]


Essentially, “Coma” is a film in which a prime example of innovative private enterprise is ruined by a pushy feminist who is too inqusitive for her own good and eventually has to be saved from certain eivsceration by Michael Douglas.
Well, that’s one way of looking at it and perhaps a more interesting one than regurgitating […]

Joseph Andrews

When Tony Richardson made “Tom Jones” in 1963, he revolutionised the approach that cinema took to classic literature by, quite simply, not treating it as classic literature. Given that his subsequent career nose-dived, with a couple of exceptions, its not surprising that he eventually ran for cover and returned to the source of his biggest […]

Russ Meyer’s Up!

“Y’know I always liked big tits. Well, I been converted…”
¬†Perhaps the most wildly original and ferociously inventive soft-core porn flick ever made, “Up!” is the finest product of an unlikely union between American’s foremost sex filmmaker and America’s best known TV film critic. Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert collaborated on three movies - “Beyond The […]

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