Exploring The Grim Cellar…


Down here there are ancient grimoires retelling hideous stories from all corners of the planet and from all times, even the distant, dingy past: on occasions known, often uncharted. Sometimes these tomes may contain elements of hope, but they are only present to place the reader temporarily off guard - there is darkness beyond and only with continued exploration can one discover the resolution of curiosity. The reader will never be sure what to expect with each venture. You proceed at your own risk, and you glance at the images of your own free will. It is your choice to continue, and your choice alone…

For an alphabetical summary with links choose the Index… option above to find your sorrowful way around.

For the dark visual creations of the cellar’s keeper, there is also a devoted alcove that can be accessed above. Proceed only if the spirit is strong enough.

Grim Cellar is best viewed with a resolution set at 1024×768 or above. Have a good time :)


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