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Batman Begins Novelisation March 4, 2008

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This movie was one of my favorites of 2005 so I decided to check out the Novelisation to see if it would add any more depth to the character of Batman. This was written by Dennis O’ Neil who has written many rich stories in the Batman Comics. So I thought this Novel was worth checking out.

The character of Batman in this Book doesn’t shine through as much as the film, I was expecting a more darker, brooding character in deep thoughts, so I never felt he was a tortured individual but rather a slightly normal guy, however the extra details of his travels and training were interesting yet some events seem rather condensed into a shorter time period then it had seemed to show in the movie. We also get a glimpse of his first night as a thief putting skills into practise, however it is not so exciting and daring as I had hoped for considering it’s his first night out and it doesn’t give a true challenge to the Dark Knight.

Ras Al ghul gets the most development in the Novel shown in the “Diary of Ras Al Ghul” which seems to take a lot from his Comic origin story (Batman: Birth of the Demon) also written by O’ Neil . This Ras is certainly more fantastical and almost “Biblical” as Bruce mentions to himself while he is reading it.

Other portions of the book which are extended from the movie are the battle of the police against the psychotic criminals in the Narrows, Alfred watching Wayne manner burn down and a little bit at the end as to how Batman got home. But who picked up his Batmobile afterwards I don’t know.

 A nice book to read but nothing that really diverts from the material provided by the film. If you haven’t read about the origin of Ras Al Ghul this is quite good although a little bit comic bookish compared to the realism of the movie.

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