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Shane October 11, 2011

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One of the greatest Westerns along with High Noon, The Searchers and Winchester 73.

A stranger (Shane) drifts into town. A man not looking for any trouble. Polite and courteous he tries to keep a low profile but finds himself inbetween a conflict between the man he works for and a cattle baron. It starts to become apparent to people around him that there is more to Shane then they think.

Shane is a high moral standing man, not the first to throw a punch or to be dragged down to another person’s level but is someone who will stick up for what’s right. Under his timid gentle exterior lies the heart of a skilled gunfighter not to be messed with. He’s a man’s man. Yet he deals with any situation with great humility and strength and is an inspiration to the young boy in the movie. Through his eyes Shane’s story is told. The character of Shane is as charming as the film itself and I think that’s why it’s is so popular. Little else is revealed of the character except that he wants to settle down and get out of the life he’s been living. Shane is not proud but he is a man who has lived by his gun and eventually such a man can’t escape that kind of life catching up with him.

The ending. What is Shane’s fate?  He rides off to his next destination still being the person he’s always been and nobody who sees him leave would think any different.

Favorite Quote: “What have you heard, Shane?”- Jack wilson


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