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Transformers: The Movie July 6, 2007

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Wow, just wow. It’s been a few years since I saw this movie in full and I had forgotten how great this was. Robots Transforming and killing each other, space battles, Giant Transforming Planets that eats other planets.

This is heavy too, Transformers get slaughtered literally and brutally in a rather wicked…but fun way. The way Optimus Prime goes out of this is not something you’d usually see in your average animation movie. I guess in some ways we can be thankful that the old Toy line was being pulled or else we wouldn’t have had such a dramatic film where it seemed anyone can be wiped out.
The soundtrack is very 80s but suits this so much as Transformers are to most people very much part of the 80s culture.
I watched this on the Region 1 20th Anniversary DVD release of the Movie which looked absolutly superb and crisp on screen and added to my overall enjoyment of this film.

Michael Bay has a lot to live up to and I’m not sure he can pull it off. I don’t entirely like the look of the live action trnasformers, especially the decepticons whose faces look the same and look like some weird alien creater. It doesn’t speak Transformers. But Peter Cullen will be and that is a sure plus after listening to his excellent voice acting in the animated film and series. Peter Cullen IS ‘Optimus Prime’. I still look forward to the live action film a lot but with a feeling that this one could swing either way as either marvoulous or not so good. I like that Bay is trying to keep things to more realistic world rules, which gives a little bit more realisim to the film but will probably take away from the coolness of the Transformers. Could we really see Unicron in a few years time with Bay’s real world rules? I think the Transformers turning into smaller objects using the subspace theory could still have been valid to be used in this film. Doctor Who still gets away with it, why not the Transformers also? Another problem is that the movie could be based more around the human characters with the Transformers been more backround characters like an invading alien force rather than front of the story characters. The Transformers have always been about the Transformers stories and their peril and very little to do with the Humans fight. Who wants to see puny Human’s taking up most of the screen time?
Here’s hoping the live action film will do good and that we can see some sequels feature, Shockwave, Soundwave and even Unicron.

¬†Favorite quote: “One shall stand, One shall Fall” - Optimus Prime

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