French cinema …in brief


As a contributor for DVD Times and The Digital Fix, I’ve reviewed much French cinema over the last decade and have been a fan of French cinema for at least another decade (nearly two) before that.   Any viewing of French cinema however is limited by the availability of what is presented to the UK public by the film and DVD distributors.  There is a lot more to French cinema however than the few arthouse and festival titles that are selected for international release each year.

This blog, Ciné-vu, was prompted by the the French film channel Cinémoi being made available to Virgin cable television customers in December 2010, presenting me with an opportunity to view a wider range of mainstream and classic French cinema.  I don’t intend to offer any great insights on the films viewed nor do I have the time for lengthy rambling reviews, but would like to sum up basic impressions of any films viewed in 200 words or less.  I may take the time to write at greater length about new cinema releases or films released on DVD.

I don’t seriously expect anyone else to be interested in these brief musings, but if they inspire others to seek out the occasional film of interest to themselves (and they seem to be repeated with enough regularity on Cinémoi), then so much the better.  If nothing else, a review, no matter how brief, at least encourages the writer to reflect on the film they have viewed, and I personally find that a worthwhile endeavour.

Noel Megahey

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