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Sukeban Boy (2006) April 28, 2007

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Director: Noburu Iguchi  Starring: Asami Miyajima, Emiro Momose  Territory: Japan

Sukeban (Asami Miyajima) is a delinquent boy cursed with a girlish face.  When he is expelled from the final boys’ school that will take him, he is forced to don a sailor suit uniform and attend a girls-only school.  There, he finds there ARE benefits to looking like a girl (seeing girls in their underwear being the primary one.  Actually, it’s the only one, but it IS a damn good one you must admit).  He encounters and befriends Mochicko (Emiro Momose), who shows him the Humiliation Club, and Sukeban’s talent for brawling wins him great respect from the other girls.  However, Mochiko’s feelings could be a little deeper than she’s letting on, and there are more foes waiting around the next corner.

Sukeban finishes off another foe with style.

Sukeban Boy is a lower-than-low budget, shot on video, 60-minute assault on the senses.  Apparently parodying the kind of Japanese fetish film that (at best) completely stumps western viewers, it can be argued quite effectively that it is itself a fetish film.  It should perhaps be pointed out that although almost everyone here appears in a schoolgirl uniform at some point, everyone present is over the age of consent (in some cases, I think well over the age!).

A/V Idol (read: porn star) Asami Miyajima (she really IS female, by the way!) is a woman playing a boy playing a girl.  Which isn’t easy to pull off.  However, she actually does a thoroughly decent job of it.  The best thing you can say about the supporting cast is that you hope they don’t give up their day jobs.  But their stilted, amateurish delivery is perfect in keeping with the tone of the movie.  And the tone is usually insane.  When a movie opens with the line “I may dress in girls’ clothes, but I’m a man with a capital ‘M’”, you know you’re in for something out of the ordinary, but it’s a relatively sane opener for what follows.

Don't ask.

Things start to get really strange upon entering the “Humiliation Club”, a place where young ladies can practice increasing their sense of shame at being watched by others in compromising situations.  For example, we see two girls dressed in a sort of Sumo wrestler’s loincloth, American football padding, jerseys and helmets.  They gently bump into each other proclaiming “it’s so humiliating, I can’t bear it!”

This prepares us nicely for our encounter the “Pan-Suto League” (with their “Bang Bang Pantyhose”), the “No-Bra League” (which should be self explanatory), a masked member of the “Naked League” (who actually wears a thong) and other bizarreness.  Sukeban battles them all in fights with blows that even a blind man can see don’t connect, accompanied by sound effects that seem to be taken from an elderly computer game.  At one stage, Asami is clearly struggling to keep a straight face while reeling from a repeated kick-attack that consistently lands about a foot from her face.  Which just adds to the fun.  And when you have one topless, bullet-clad woman (think Chinamy Yau from the cover of Naked Killer) firing shots from her teeth at a schoolgirl armed with an iron Ping-Pong bat, you think you’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see.  That is, until you meet the girl who can shoot bullets out of the stumps of her severed legs.

The new Grange Hill scriptwriters sure liked their LSD

Of course, there’s plenty of tits ‘n bum nudity, and also plenty of gore.  The gore effects remind me a lot of European horror films from the late 70’s or early 80’s – effective nastiness on a budget.  It’s usually so over-the-top that you don’t forget you’re watching a send-up though. 

Sukeban Boy is probably not the kind of film you’ll stumble upon by accident and buy on impulse (if you do, I want to know where you shop!), but it IS possible to track down (the Hong Kong version comes equipped with English subs).  This little nugget came to my attention via another Hong Kong film fan by the name of Brian Thibodeau, who also has an eye for the more outlandish type of film from the east.  For more information about Sukeban Boy, and other inspired madness, check out his Blog at: http://column.hkmdb.com/brian


1. paulwjm - April 28, 2007

That actually looks like something I want to watch (only because everyone is over the age of consent of course) - I’ve seen some fairly mad stuff myself but this looks like it’s even madder than most of that! :O

2. mjocallaghan - April 28, 2007

Yeah, it’s a pretty interesting way to spend an hour. Be sure to check out that link as well - there’s a piece about a Korean horror film that might be up your street. BTW, this is the guy who saw Black Magic 2 as well.

3. paulwjm - April 30, 2007

Yes, did check out the link you posted - nice blog. I really like the look of Public Cemetery of Wol-Ha actually.

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