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About the Author:

Ian Woolstencroft has been a film fan since childhood. His favourite genres are horror, science fiction and the western although he’ll watch almost anything, from Shirley Temple movies to Japanese animation.

If Mine Was Taller was a pint of milk then the Film Journal incarnation would be the skimmed kind. It’s home to his thoughts on the films he’s most recently watched, both at the cinema and on DVD.

The full fat version of Mine Was Taller contains additional thoughts on his other passions, namely music and comics, as well as all the film related articles from Film Journal.

The cream of his scribbling can be found on Blogcritics Magazine, an online community of writers and readers from around the globe. There you’ll find full length reviews of DVDs, CDs and TV shows.

Feedback is always welcome, be it positive or negative. Film, to paraphrase Forest Gump, is like a box of chocolates – everybody has their favourites.


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