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Horror Day: Brain Damage June 20, 2008

Posted by Ian W in : DVD Viewing Journal, DVD Reviews , trackback

Dipa: This is another film that Ian has introduced me to which I have strangely enjoyed. I found it both disturbing and amusing at the same time which was a nice contrast. The symbolic and metaphorical value of the film was bizarre and yet creatively presented. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it before (and may not again!)

Ian: I love Frank Henenlotter’s films and Brain Damage is the best of them. So long as you have a unique and vivid imagination budget doesn’t need to be a constraint and Henenlotter is nothing if not unique. It offers the cheap gore thrills of your standard horror flick but instead of a mindless killer we get an analogy for drug addiction. I’m looking forward to his new film, Bad Biology, sixteen years is too long without a new Henenlotter film!


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