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The Friday Night Fright: The Haunted House of Horror November 24, 2007

Posted by Ian W in : Film Reviews, Horror , trackback

When one of there number is murdered at a party in a local haunted house a group of trendy young things, led by Frankie Avalon, decide that instead of doing the logical thing and calling the police they’ll cover up the crime to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Who is the killer? Is it the ghost who supposedly haunts the house? Or is it one of the partygoers? And can the viewer stay awake long enough to find out? The answer to the latter question is yes, but only just.

The films production was a mess, with director/writer Michael Armstrong removed from the project before it was completed. The final result is a thriller trying to be a horror film and succeeding as neither. Armstrong shot about a third of the finished film, so he’s not without blame, and much of his dialogue is far too of its period to be anything but a joke now.

There’s plenty of ketchup thrown around during a couple of murders and you can kill the time between deaths by playing “spot the TV star” with Richard O’Sullivan and George Sewell, among others, making an appearance. Sewell’s part as a jealous sugar daddy is just padding and adds absolutely nothing to the finished film. Likewise Dennis Prices’ police inspector is there just to add a recognisable name to the credits, with Price on the downward spiral that would lead to Jess Franco crap like Devil’s Island Lovers.

Still it’s not without one redeeming factor – Frankie Avalon gets a knife in the groin.


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