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The Friday Night Fright: Blood on Satan’s Claw December 15, 2007

Posted by Ian W in : Film Reviews, Horror , 2 comments

In rural England a body is unearthed when a farmer is ploughing a field but this is no human or animal corpse. It’s not long before the local children are led astray by Angel Blake, a young girl seemingly possessed by Satan, and they begin harvesting transformed body parts from local villagers in order to make some sort of patchwork devil.

Perhaps Tigon was hoping to recapture the glory of Witchfinder General with this tale of 17th Century Satan worshippers but if so they fell way short of the mark. The story is even sillier than it sounds and by the climax, with the Judge, played by Patrick Wymark, waving his ridiculously long sword about, you’ll be laughing or crying, maybe both. It doesn’t help that the budget seems to have run out resulting in a final confrontation consisting of still shots and blurred slow-motion which is completely at odds with the style (and I use the term loosely) of the rest of the film.

Still there’s some fun to be had in spotting familiar faces in decidedly different parts from those that made them famous. Wendy Padbury, ex-Doctor Who companion, gets raped by the Satan worshippers while future Master, Anthony Ainley turns up as, of all things, a Reverand, who’s so good he even resists the charms of Linda Hayden, said charms being fully on display for the viewers pleasure. Then there’s Frank Spencer’s missus Michele Dotrice as a Satan worshipping floozy. “Ooh Betty” indeed.

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