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Sci Fi Sunday: Immortal October 1, 2007

Posted by Ian W in : Film Reviews, Science Fiction , add a comment

I’ve seen several films during my “French week” that put style over substance but this takes the cake. What a pretentious load of twaddle, wrapped up in flashy CGI visuals.

The gods return (the Egyptian ones, you know like in Stargate?) and Horus decides he needs to sow his seed and takes over the form of a human in order to mate with the blue haired woman. She it seems is that rare thing, a woman who can mate with a god. This all takes place in the future, a future where many it seems now look like CGI creations. I assume this is supposed to show that they have been altered but it just doesn’t work, the CGI people and the real actors just don’t gel, it’s hard enough to get over Charlotte Rampling in a silly wig.

Based on the comics of Enki Bilal that have, according to IMDb, influenced Blade Runner and Stargate (no surprise there) this just doesn’t work onscreen. Bilal directs the film himself and perhaps tried to get too much of his vision into the film, to such an extent that it overdoses on visual splendour at the expense of any emotional connection with the characters, whether real or computer created. Even the films effects don’t really live up to Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (another film influenced by Bilal perhaps) made seven years previous.

A disappointing end to what’s been a disappointing week of French films.

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