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The Friday Night Fright: The Dark September 15, 2007

Posted by Ian W in : Film Reviews, Horror , 2 comments

This is a pretty unoriginal ghost story that tries, unsuccessfully, to make sheep scary. Maria Bello and Sean Bean try hard as the parents of a missing child but the film concentrates too much on their rather predictable and dull relationship and not enough on delivering any real scares.

Take the house with a dark past (The Amityville Horror), add a ghostly child (Dead of Night) and a couple of grieving parents (Don’t Look Now) season with some Welsh mythology, stick it in the oven and you get a half-baked movie that’s far less than the sum of its parts. The film even tries half-heartedly to throw in a twist or two at the end but you’ll probably see it coming and if you don’t you’ll be too bored to care anyway.

It’s surprising that this even got a cinema release as it has straight-to-video written all over it. There is almost certainly a decent film to be made from Welsh myths and legends but this sadly isn’t it. And if it’s scary sheep you want, try Black Sheep instead, not only is it scarier than The Dark but you’ll have a few laughs along the way too.

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