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The Friday Night Fright: Horror Express August 17, 2007

Posted by Ian W in : Film Reviews, Horror , 3 comments

Certainly not the pinnacle of the Cushing/Lee teams output, this is a guilty pleasure from my youth. The horror legends play a pair of scientists on a train to Europe with Lee transporting a mysterious find he made in China.

An alien intelligence that drains peoples brains through their eyes, a mad priest who thinks it’s the devil made flesh and Telly Savalas as a loony Cossack captain are just a few of the pleasures this Spanish production have to offer.

Cushing and Lee both give better performances than the film really deserves and one wonders how much of the dialogue was ad-libbed by the pair. There’s a wonderful scene where Cushing thinks he’s scored with a beautiful woman who’s onboard the train without a ticket, only to find his style cramped by Lee when it turns out the pair are sharing a compartment.

The standout moment though comes when Lee and Cushing are confronted by the police inspector onboard the train, who points out that one of them could be the host for the creature. “Monster!?” a shocked Cushing retorts “We’re British, you know!”

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