Apologies, but…

…doing justice to Méliès’ seminal A Trip to the Moon is taking a little longer than planned.

But normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

(UPDATE: It’s taking a bit longer than I originally expected, thanks to the biggest hard drive crash I’ve had in years followed by my entire family being laid low by a hideous stomach bug - but I should have made a full recovery from both in the next few days)

In the meantime, here’s a selection of links about the film:

12 Responses to “Apologies, but…”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m a bit late…but I hope you are feeling better.

    I just want to let you know that I check in occasionally and very much appreciate your efforts.


  2. Eric M Says:


  3. Michael Brooke Says:

    There will be more, I promise - I just have to work out a viable schedule, as a recent change in working hours so that I leave an hour earlier and do more childcare when I get home means that I’m absolutely exhausted by 10.30pm, which was when I used to start writing.

  4. Alex Says:

    This is very informativ.Thank you for this.I will buy this.

  5. Alex Says:

    More! ;)

  6. Rob Says:

    More! You are providing the commentary tracks that this series richly deserves. I hope you record these and make them available as mp3 files for downloading. OK, charge a fee if you will. I’ll pay.

  7. Bill Ectric Says:

    This is a winderful series of articles on Melies! I have a Super 8mm film of his “A Trip To The Moon (1902)” and some other stuff as well. I got the film when I was in high school, before they had VHS or DVD. I used to experiment with crude “special effects” myself as a teenager.

  8. Eric M Says:

    I check everyday to look for a new update, but alas. . .

    My series is finished. . .I hope you finish yours.

  9. Alex Says:

    I love this,and I´d like to see more!I check in everyday,too.

  10. Dan North Says:

    I hope you find the opportunity to restart this amazing blog, Michael. It’s such a valuable resource that will no doubt contribute to interest in Melies.

    A Trip to the Moon really does need a lot of attention. If you or anybody else is interested, I’ve started my own post about it on my blog. It’s not finished, and I invite comments to help me produce an annotated, shot by shot description and analysis of the film. If it turns out half as well as the entries on this site, I’ll be happy.

    You’ll find the link here:


  11. John Towsen Says:

    Hello Michael Brooke and fellow fans,

    Just discovered this excellent site! I am doing research in the area of physical comedy. One of my interests is the quick-change artist, comic actor, and filmmaker Leopoldo Fregoli. In 1899 he is said to have made a film “The Lightning Change Artist” for Melies. Does anyone have any idea if this film is extant, or might you know a source for any of Fregoli’s films?? There is, for example an 1898 film called FREGOLI, THE PROTEAN ARTISTE, IN HIS IMPERSONATION OF FAMOUS COMPOSERS.

    Any help much appreciated!

    John Towsen
    New York City

  12. Gareth Walters Says:

    Many thanks for this, and for the Kinoblog. Hope you get this one up and running again soon, would love to see your insights on A Trip to the Moon.
    In my turn, I’ve posted an essay on the film as part of the research for a book I’m working on, would love your comments.

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