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Friday The 13th (2009) January 29, 2009

Posted by Rob in : Horror, Movie previews, 2009 , trackback

Hmmm…another redux of a classic horror, and they don’t get more classic than Friday 13th, the film that kick started the whole teen in peril slasher flick back on 1980 and introduced us to a classic horror figure Jason Voorhees.13th February 2009, yes it’s a Friday, see’s the release of the classic movie’s remake.Things though don’t look promising, I fear another glossy Hollywood style effort, director Marcus Nispel has hardly an inspiring pedigree, none of the five films he has directed have been based on original material and the cast is peppered with good looking teen such as Amanda Righetti, and Willa Ford, great eye candy yeah, but casting Keeley Hazel and Kelly Brook does not inspire confidence in a good movie does it, remember ‘Three’?! Anyway I might be wrong, Nispel’s remake of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was a good horror movie so here’s hoping for a similar effort, and if Amanda and Willa want to run around in tight fitting t-shirts like the one Jessica Biel wore, I shan’t complain!!!


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