The end of the trail…and new horizons

Posted on December 15th, 2011 in Uncategorized by Colin

First up I want to say that FilmJournal has been good to me; it introduced me to the world of blogging and all the pleasure that comes with it. The thing is, when you’re a dedicated film nut it can seem a lonely pastime. Friends and acquaintances often look at you with a mixture of pity and suspicion. Enjoying the movies is one thing, but actually wanting to discuss them or, even worse, analyse them is not a passion shared by all - the situation’s arguably worse if your tastes run to old black & white films and westerns! The whole concept of a movie blog is the ideal antidote for this ailment since, inevitably, it draws in those who have a broadly similar outlook. You suddenly find that you’re not alone in your longing to chat about and toss out your thoughts on stuff that’s viewed as a curio or an obscurity by most. And so the whole FilmJournal experiment offered me the opportunity to put together and express my feelings about the kinds of films that attracted me. Even better, it allowed me to engage in discussions with those who felt the same. Over the years, this site has acted as an outlet for my own thoughts and, more importantly, put me in touch with like-minded individuals.

However, all things have their time and I’ve now decided to move along. I’ve recently been transferring my content to a new site, and it’s been a laborious process. Still, the donkey work’s out of the way and, although some tweaking will no doubt be needed, it’s pretty much good to go. My new site can be accessed by clicking here - please do! All the previous posts have been ported over, but the comments (and I’m both pleased and proud to say there have been many) proved to be more problematic. Since I didn’t wish the valued contributions of others to be ignored I left in links to the comments on this site so they can be read. If I figure out a way to transfer them in the future I will gladly do so.

So, after four years, 181 posts, 240,000 + hits, and nearly 900 comments it’s time for a new beginning. I just want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has passed through here in that time and contributed to a highly rewarding experience. To those linking to this site, I hope you’ll add the new URL and stay in touch.

So long.