Zdeněk Liška on Totally Radio

As I may have hinted on a few occasions in the past, I’m a bit of a fan of the Czech composer Zdeněk Liška (1922-1983) - which is why I was delighted to get an e-mail from Joe Walker, possibly Liška’s most obsessive fan, informing me that he’s recorded an hour-long celebration of the man and his work and uploaded it to the Totally Radio site.

You can find it here - there are various listening options, not all of which involve spending money.

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  1. David Herter Says:

    Great news to find more Liska fans. I adore his scores for Karel Zeman’s films, especially Baron Prasil. Have these ever been released on cd? Or as mp3 files?
    I tried to listen to Joe Walker’s celebration, but, alas, they wanted me to pay for it.

  2. Michael Brooke Says:

    Liška’s widow vetoes pretty much any kind of exploitation of her husband’s music aside from things that she can’t control - i.e. the original soundtracks still attached to the films for which they were written.

    Which is why we haven’t seen a Liška CD, and why the Quay Brothers had to change their plans for the soundtrack to their 2003 film The Phantom Museum - originally it was 100% scored from Liška’s back catalogue, but in the end Gary Tarn had to write a new score from scratch.

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