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I’m a 23 y/o Hispanic guy living in South Texas…

I had always liked movies, but the moment of truth, the moment that turned around the way I perceived movies, was during the summer of 2002. I was helping my parents on their business, they had an old 26″ TV as well as a VCR that had a tendency to chew on some tapes. A few years back, my dad had bought from a former employee of his, the Special Edition Star Wars Original Trilogy on VHS…and that summer I began watching A New Hope; it blew my mind away.

This might sound as a cliche or something similar, but Star Wars has this kind of magic to it, it’s just an experience that you never forget and that you wish to repeat. So, I watched A New Hope, then The Empire Strikes Back (my all-time favorite movie) and then…nothing, Return of the Jedi was missing, for some reason, it was lost. Either ways, my brother and I would watch Hope and Empire more often than you would think, admiring Han’s cockiness, Darth Vader’s evilness and Luke’s purity (or whatever).

Then one day, my brother and dad came from a flea market were they had bought an old tape of the Return of the Jedi; it was an old CBS VHS copy with the unaltered version of Jedi. We were starving for a conclusion, for a closure, for the fulfillment of Luke’s (or Vader’s?) story. Even when the tone is not as dark, and the Ewoks not appealing to me, the movie didn’t disappoint, and I regard Vader and Luke’s saber duel as one of the greatest scenes of cinema. We were done with the original trilogy, but we watched then again, and again…

A few weeks later, my brother saved enough money (he is six years younger than me) to buy OUR first DVD player, a Best Buy brand (don’t remember which one, will add later) that was $50; and our first (yes, our) DVD movie? One of the greatest DVD releases of all time: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Looking back, I’m surprised that he picked the widescreen and not the fullscreen version, go figure. That DVD sold me to the DVD format, and that DVD alone opened my eyes to the future of home video.

Fast forward a couple of years, my high school graduation and my early entrance to the workforce, and my love for movies has increased. Gone are the fullscreen purchases, but in are the impulse buys, and the love for Wal-Marts $5 bin (hey, bought there great movies, LA Confidential, Syriana, etc.).

I have been able to buy a 42″ 1080p Dynex LCD TV, and yes, I know, it’s not the best, but it’s what I can afford for the moment; an upgrade for the also Dynex 32″ 720p that I sold to my brother, who in turned hooked it up to his XBOX 360, which looks great.. I was able to snag a $98 HD DVD players when they went on sale on Wal-Mart, and I’ll be saving for the day Iron Man comes out on blu-ray to buy (still undecided) either a stand alone blu-ray player, or a PS3.

This year, I have seen more movies than the last two years combined, I think. I love going to the all digital DLP theatre that is 35+ minutes away from where I live, but I hate that I have to drive and spend that much money on gas, since I drive a Ford truck. Carmike is that place; I mostly go to see movies that I actually want to enjoy in the best audio but specially video available; oh, and the buttery popcorn (sometimes) also. For when I want to watch a movie that I had already seen, or when I want to catch a movie that I kinda wanted to see, I go to the ‘dollar theatre’, which is still a pretty 15 minutes from where I live; enough about the bitchin distances. It’s Cinemark Movies 6 that place; $1.50 regular and I’m pretty sure they still have $1 Wednesdays.

So far, the best theatre in which I’ve been in the past six/seven years, is Cinepolis in Mexico. The seats are extremely comfortable, they have a better candy assortment, and they give you the option of having caramel popcorn! In that theatre, they also have a commercial IMAX theatre. I have only been once there, nice thing is that they do a cool looking (but pointless during the movie) light show…I saw I Am Legend (with the great Dark Knight prologue, awesome) and it was just an experience that I haven’t been able to duplicate, yet…well, I had hoped to see Wall-E or The Dark Knight, but the IMAX theatre is a good 4 hours away from where I live, and across the border, so no, couldn’t yet.

I love movies, and I would love one day to be able to direct one (go figure how I’ll get there). Meanwhile, I’ll be posting my opinions on movies I’ve watched on theatres, as well as DVDs.

Feel free to browse my DVD Collection at DVD Aficionado, or see pics of me at my myspace website.

Enjoy my reviews and feel free to comment, no matter what!

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