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I realize that every time you mention someone that you are impatiently waiting for the latest Pixar installment, or that you are going to buy the newest Disney blu-ray release of an old classic, all people say is that you still ‘like cartoons’. Let them watch Battle for Terra for a change.

| PG | 85 min | Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Cox, James Garner, Chris Evans, Luke Wilson, Justin Long… | Directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas |

the blu-rayWhy is Battle for Terra so different than many other films, including some Pixar films? Because it is highly realistic in what the film is about. Whereas in Wall-E we¬† had hope to fix Earth, in BfT (Battle for Terra) there is no more hope, there is no more home. The reason? After a ‘civil war’ (there is nothing civil about war) between colonized planets (one including Mars) and Earth, all three are destroyed, forcing humanity to find a new planet in the depths of the galaxy.

What are some things that make this movie realistic? Because it boasts one of the most realistic and believable living ships around since 2001:A Space Odyssey, and thankfully, taking cue from it.

What is BfT about? It’s a movie about humans invading an alien world, and how both the humans and Terrans deal with the clash of needs, the need for a home, the need of survival.

Why should YOU watch this movie? Because it’s a movie that moves at a really good pace, has a real good story, good plot twists, and because it is different from the rest of the animated films (most of them talking animals). This is a thought provoking movie…during the movie, you will find yourself not knowing which side to side with, which one to support…the humans because of their need for a home that will provide a way of living, or the Terrans with their right to own the planet?

How does the movie look and sound? The blu-ray boasts an excellent transfer, with a very reliable and dynamic soundtrack.

During the extras (I watched all of them, nothing more than 30 minutes overall, not including the commentary which I did not listen to), the director talks about the evolution of the project; his early project involved real life acting with CG elements, but it had to evolve to animation in order to get produced. Without a doubt, his first vision would’ve been much mature and more acceptable than the animation.

In the end, Battle for Terra succeeds at being a somewhat mature, interesting, engaging, but most of all thought provoking film…I give it, four flying whales, out of five…and a large popcorn bucket!! Queue It Up!!! Enjoy it!!!!!

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