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the blu-rayTHE OMEGA MAN
| PG | 98 min | Starring CHarlton Heston, Anthony Zerbe, Rosalind Cash…Directed by Boris Sagal | 1971 |

How many times have you seen DVDs on sale and been tempted to buy them (except for Walmart’s $5 bin, of course!)? Well, The Omega Man was one of them, on the now defunct HD DVD format, but thankfully, I was able to stop myself…for good.

This movie is the second film iteration of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel ‘I Am Legend’, which had already been done a movie in 1964 with Vincent Price as ‘The Last Man on Earth’, which I haven’t seen; and of course, Will Smith’s 2007 ‘I Am Legend’. Enough of the history, do your own research.

After the war between The People’s Republic of China vs. The Soviet Union goes wrong (well, more wrong), a biological plague is released, and US Army Colonel Robert Neville, MD is one of the few who remains immune (since the movie is set in Los Angeles, and he indeed injected himself with a vaccine) in a deserted Los Angeles. Well, almost alone, since there is a group of survivors, called ‘The Family’, led by Jonathan Matthias (Anthony Zerbe), which is more of a cult who is trying to erradicate all the ‘old stuff’, all the things that brought the plague down (in that aspect, they are right).

So the movie moves between Neville, The Family, another ’survivor’, more survivors, what Neville does during his alone time, how he protects himself from The Family, and how he tries (later) to help vaccinate the newly found survivors.

Honestly, I wanted to like this movie, and I had heard good things about it. But in the first shot, I lost it. Neville is driving in his car stops and shoots at a member of the family; however, this shot is ’sped up’, and just didn’t do it for me. Another thing that didn’t do it for me, is the oh so very 70s music, it just didn’t date/age well enough to be enjoyable. Then we have the actual ‘Family’, which doesn’t really convince as an infected people. Of course (something I don’t like either on I Am Legend), the fact that Neville thinks he is the only one survivor, is just preposterous. Oh, well, it is a movie after all.

So, is this a bad movie? No. Is this a great movie? No. Is this an enjoyable movie? Not really.The A/V quality on the blu-ray is on par with movies its age, it gets a point there, no complains.

After all, is only a movie…I give Charlton Heston’s The Omega Man, a two out of five. Oh, and a small popcorn bucket. So don’t bother, don’t waste your time here…but do with the next movie:

the blu-rayGONE BABY GONE
| R | 114 min | Starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris…Directed by Ben Affleck | 2007 |

So who would’ve thought that Ben Affleck’s directorial debut would not suck, but would actually be very very good? Nobody, specially after Daredevil (and to add salt to the injury, I bought both DVD versions of it, crap…), after Bennifer (?) and whatnot. But actually, Gone Baby Gone is a step up for Affleck’s career, with a solid directorial debut.

This movie is based on Dennis Lehane novel of the same title (also wrote the great Mystic River), about two private investigators who are hired to track down a lost girl, by the girl’s uncle’s wife, since she took more care of her than her mother would.

The two PIs are in a relationship, and is this relationship that will suffer the most during the movie, which is mainly split in two parts. However, is the plot twists that will keep you hooked to this movie, the story as a whole. This movie moves at a nice pace that you will enjoy, and will help you digest, enjoy and understand the movie. On the down side, the acting by Casey Affleck leaves a lot more to be desired, and the ending, well, will keep not only your mind, but your scruples, your ethics, and your overall morality, it will keep you wondering why good things might look bad and end up good, and vice versa.

The blu-ray looked and sounded really good, a four out of five. I didn’t watch any extras.
With an overall engaging story, pacing, good plot twists, and a wonderful thought provoking ending, I give Gone Baby Gone, a four out of five…and a medium popcorn bucket…Queue It Up! WATCH IT!!!

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