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Fly Me To The Moon, a great 3D adventure…

Friday, September 26th, 2008

I’m still on the negative side of this new 3D craze; I still think that 3D is used only to sell the movie as a marketing ploy, not a new way of movie making. I might be wrong, but I’m more than sure that I’m right. Of my last two 3D outings, Fly Me To […]

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I was born in 1985, so there is no way I could really remember if I ever saw either one of the original three Indy movies in the theatre. Even if I had gone to see Crusade, which opened in 1989, I don’t think I would really remember. After all, the only movie that I […]

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This was intended to be a two part review. Why? Because when I started watching the movie, I stopped about half of it, or wherever around (during one of those musical numbers). But that love for movies told me to finish watching it, two days later.
Meet the Spartans is a spoof of 300…and includes bits […]

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