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Strange Days (1995)

It’s dated badly in terms of fashion, music, and even societal concerns, being far too much a slave to the grunge aesthetic, for instance, but Bigelow’s technical ability is certainly not in doubt. What comes over is that, story-wise, it surprisingly bears some resemblance to de Palma’s Blow Out, but with an updated (fictitious) technology.
The […]

Mad Max 2 (1981)

I love the road movie, it’s probably my favourite sub-genre, just ahead of movies about authors and movies with disc jockeys as the lead character. In fact, it’s such a prominent sub-genre that I think it’s about time that it was upgraded to full genre status, like the way a loveable old building gets itself […]

O-Bi, O-Ba (The End of Civilisation) (1985)

I recently purchased a Polish boxset of four works by director Piotr Szulkin, of whom I had never heard until reading a review by Michael Brooke (always an excellent source of info about Central/Eastern European cinema) of said set in this month’s Sight and Sound. I pounced upon it immediately. The stand out film, for […]

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

‘I am a true Lynch fan. Fuck “Blue Velvet”, everyone loves it. The real Lynch is not “Twin Peaks” the series, but “Fire Walk with Me”, and “Dune”, of course.’ -Slavoj Zizek
I’m not sure about Dune, but this, the later cinema prequel to the TV series, directed by Lynch,  letting his subconscious and experimental side […]

Bunker Palace Hotel (1989)

This is a somewhat obscuro French sci-fi, directed and co-written by Enki Bilal, the ace Franco/Yugo comics auteur known for his work in Metal Hurlant, and his amazing Nikopol Trilogy (the other writer is Pierre Christin, a collaborator on early titles such as The Black Order Brigade and The Hunting Party). As well as the […]

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