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Rambo’s Back October 20, 2007

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^ That was the tagline in 1988, on a giant billboard over Sunset Boulevard that otherwise featured only Sly Stallone, facing away from camera, and the title Rambo III. In his book Sly Moves, Stallone relates how he focused particularly on building a wide back for the film, handling so much weight on lat pulldowns that he had to be strapped into the machine to stop from being launched into orbit. I don’t doubt it. Two decades later, the first teaser poster for John Rambo has just been released, and harks back to that same simple image: Stallone still Kicks Ass.

The upcoming release of John Rambo is cause for celebration in my eyes, and not just because it represents, after Rocky Balboa, another triumph for the reinvigorated Stallone. What was the last true, big action movie from Hollywood? Not some watered-down cocktail like the PG-13 Live Free or Die Hard (yes, I’m waiting for the unrated DVD too), or childish XXX crap - the real deal, a full-scale, I’m big, dumb, overblown, and I just don’t give a shit action movie? Con Air? Face/Off? They were ten years ago. It’s taken the 61 year-old dinosaur (and I use the term affectionately) Sly Stallone to resurrect this beast. John Rambo brings back one of the most iconic characters of the genre, it HAS been rated ‘R’, and if you’ve seen the fantastic rough cut trailer that came out a while back (not for the faint of heart), you’ll know that it won’t pull any punches. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the action movie is back, and how.


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