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Sir Roger Moore at 80 October 14, 2007

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I grew up on the Bond films. No film series brings back more fond or happy memories for me than 007’s adventures. That fondness extends to the actors involved, and to this day I couldn’t tell you who my favourite Bond is. Connery was the best, Dalton the guy I picture when reading Fleming’s novels, Craig the coldest and toughest … but a favourite? They’re all favourites. And so I can’t let today pass without a quick mention of the fact that Sir Roger Moore, who only the other day received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is 80.

receiving his star on the Walk of Fame last week

He played Bond more times than anyone else (unless, I suppose, we get into the whole ”is Never Say Never Again really a Bond film?” thing), and made the role his own. I’m grateful that I was first exposed to his Bond films as a small kid, and therefore accepted him in the role without question. I can appreciate others’ less favourable views of his portrayal, but consider myself fortunate that I’ve never felt the same way. Hell, I even like George Lazenby. ;)

Happy Birthday, Rog.

Dalton, Moore, Brosnan, at Cubby Broccoli's memorial service 10 years ago.


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