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Farewell Veronica; we used to be friends … May 18, 2007

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So the axe has finally dropped. After surviving for three seasons on wafer-thin ice, Veronica Mars has run out of luck. No more smart, sassy Ronnie; no more intricately plotted mysteries for our heroine, romantic entanglements with bad boy Logan, clashes with the cops, playful banter with Wallace, Mac, and Keith. Cancellation beckons for this TV gem.

Season three cast

A post-modern hybrid of Buffy and The Big Sleep, Veronica Mars clicked from the start: a street-smart teenager wise beyond her years, a likeable ensemble cast, cleverly plotted mysteries, and a terrific atmosphere of fun. Season-long story arcs kept the interest up throughout, while the snappy dialogue kept the laughs coming. The dynamics changed when Ronnie went to college in season three, but for me (and I’m perhaps in the minority here) the move only strengthened the show in story terms. In the real world, though, Veronica Mars struggled Kristen Bell as the teenage sleuthright out of the gate, and in recent months the show’s future was in question. A major revamp was considered, with the fourth season fast-forwarding four years to find Ronnie training at the FBI. It could well have worked, too: Kristen Bell is undeniably one of the brightest young stars on TV, and given some smart scripts to work with, the show may even have thrived despite losing most of the supporting cast.

Now, with two episodes remaining in season three, we’re almost at the end of the line. Creator Rob Thomas confirmed yesterday that Veronica Mars is dead in the water: “I believe we’re out of hope.”

 I suppose you could say hey, at least we got 64 episodes, and be thankful, but screw that. This isn’t some past-its-prime show being mercifully put to bed; it’s 3 years young and firing on all cylinders. Veronica Mars may not be the greatest show on TV, but it’s head and shoulders above many shows which remain on the air. It’s a cult favourite, even garnering a season two cameo from fan Joss Whedon, it’s got heart, and it’s the kind of show you’re glad you discovered and want to tell EVERYONE to watch. A whole lot of people have fallen in love with it, myself included. I’ll miss it like crazy. Bah. Life sucks. What else is new.

Mr Clemmons: “I can’t decide if my life is going to be easier or more difficult with you gone. Anything else I should know in case I get another one like you someday?”

Veronica: “Don’t keep all your passwords taped on the bottom of your stapler … and stay cool, Mr C.”

the cast at play

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