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TheMovieProject, Take Two March 26, 2007

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Here it is - the long-overdue re-branding of TheMovieProject.  Welcome to Slate Scrawl.

TMP was always a temporary name, such was my haste to set up a journal and start writing, I just picked a name that made the most sense and always thought I’d amend it in a week or so.  Well here we are 6-months later and there has been little effort on my part in getting this thing properly titled.

Regular visitors might have noticed the layout change about a month ago, moving to a style that allowed for custom banners to be added in the header bar.  And while that was all leading up to the re-titling, I have to admit that I’ve been pretty lazy. 

So here it is, exactly the same as it was before but with a different appellation.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Thanks for reading,


Now Judging With Greater Accuracy January 27, 2007

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After putting it off for some time, I’m very pleased to finally unveil the much talked about MovieProject rating system!  It’s an ‘out of five’ judgement which will give a better indication of my overall feeling towards a movie for the loyal readers, and a quick glancing-point for those people too lazy to interpret consecutive words and form an understanding of their intended meaning (I call it ‘reading’).

It was originally going to be in whole numbers only, but with my fickle nature I was aware that there would come a point when I’d need half-points too.  So I’ve pre-empted the stress, and given myself halves right from the off – which technically makes it an ‘out of ten’ system I suppose.

I am aware that this now means updating my past reviews to include a rating but this will be a progressive change, not an immediate one.  The final year of university is keeping me so busy that I’m barely getting the time to watch or review any films recently, never mind deal with the technicalities of my journal’s presentation.  I’ll get round to the updates as soon as I can.

And as always, thanks for reading,


Review List Added December 2, 2006

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Just a quick update: I’ve added a review list to the ‘Pages’ section of the Journal.  I think it’s a convienient way of listing all the reviews written so far, and it means that you don’t have to go trawling through the archives if you’re looking for a particular one. 

Each review is listed in the order they were published, and the titles are all quick links stright to that particular review.  I’ll keep updating it as I go from now on - I think I have about 5 or 6 pieces in draft, as well as a couple to write at the moment.

To check out the list, you can either click the ‘review list’ link in the tabs at the top of the page, or access it from right here:

Review List

Still no review rating system - I’m working on it.  Should be the next addition though, I promise.


‘About Me’ Page Updated! October 21, 2006

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Well, it’s taken me a while but I made a promise and I’m gald to say that I’ve finally come through - the ‘About Me’ page has been written.  I’ve actually split the page up into ‘About Me’ and ‘About The Blog’, because it made more sense that way. 

There’s not much on the ‘About The Blog’ page apart from a description of my categories, and I only added it because I don’t know how clear the sections are.  I doubt it will get looked at often, but at least it’s there.

Thanks to all those who’ve been reading regularly so far (I do check my counter stats).  I urge you to check out some of the other great FilmJournal blogs - simply visit the FilmJournal homepage for freshly updated ones.  I’ve started back at university now (final year - yikes) and things are a little busy.  As a result, I doubt I’ll be watching quite as many movies, but I’m still going to try and keep a semi-regular update schedule.  So keep checking back, and I’ll make sure there’s always new stuff to read.  Finally, here are some direct links to the new pages:

About Me
About The Blog

Cheers guys,


August DVD Purchases: Part II September 1, 2006

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Since August was a particularly good month for me DVD-wise, I can now present part 2 of my August DVD purchases feature.  My normal months aren’t this good by the way – especially in terms of getting DVDs off ‘the list’ and onto my shelf.  All I can say is thank goodness for eBay and in-store special offers – they make me happy.

Hellboy: Director’s Cut
UK Region 2
Music Zone: Two for £10 deal
This 3-disc set took a bit of time to make the leap from Region 1 to Region 2, but I’m glad I waited since the UK version comes packaged in a in nicely designed digipack.  There’s a whole host of special features, as well as a collectors booklet included.  Director Guillermo del Toro has a great affinity for the DVD format, and having watched the entirety of the (extremely) in-depth ‘Blood Pact’ documentary on the Blade II DVD, I can’t wait to see the ‘Seeds of Creation’ documentary on the making of this movie.  It’s 142mins long.  That’s insane.  Side note: £5 is a biggest bargain for this set I’ve ever seen.

Phoenix Nights: Series Two
UK Region 2
Music Zone: Two for £10 deal
Although the Hellboy DC is by far the best thing in an otherwise mediocre ‘Two for £10’ sale, I had to find something to accompany it so as to take full advantage of the deal.  I got lucky. Series One of Peter Kay’s genius Bolton-situated comedy has sat alone on my shelf for a long time, so a purchase of the concluding 6 episodes was well overdue.  I’ve seen the actual series plenty, but the special features – mainly the commentaries over every episode & on all the deleted scenes – make this a must-own.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Collector’s Edition
Canadian R1
eBay: £7.20
I remember looking at this set in a store while I was living in Canada - I’d just seen the movie, and I thought that it would be a great DVD.  I didn’t buy it at the time though, and I’ve regretted it ever since because this version is never on eBay!  Was even going to buy it off an e-tailor at one point, but the expense put me off.  It’s really nice though, the main differences over the R2 two-discer being the great digipack packaging (which I’m a sucker for as you may have noticed), and the commemorative booklet.  I also hear that there are problems with the DTS on the UK R2 disc, not that I can play DTS though.  Can’t wait to watch this again.

The Office: Series 1 /
Arrested Development:
Season 1
UK Region 2 / US Region 1
Second Hand £9.99
Another wonderful BOGOF bargain here - I think because the Arrested Development set was NTSC they had to sell it cheap.  I’ve heard great things about this series, so I’m really looking forward to checking it out soon.  Hopefully it won’t disappoint.  And even if it does, it only cost me £5!  It comes in three slim DVD cases too, which I actually prefer to the R2 versions ‘big plastic box’.  There wasn’t much else of any worth to pair up with this set so I grabbed series 1 of The Office for two reasons: 1) I don’t own it (*gasp*, but I’ve been holding out to buy the ‘Complete Office’ black box set) and 2) It was a good condition version of the original digipack release, now replaced by a plastic amaray case.  The original digipacks aren’t too hard to find, but getting one in a decent condition can be a trial.

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