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About The Blog

I’ve tried to keep this thing organised using categories, but just in case they aren’t clear, here’s a brief description of the contents of each section:

Recently Viewed:
These are all the movies I’ve seen recently, or just watched for the first time.  The majority of reviews will fall into this category, as will most (if not all) of the cinema reviews.

If I’ve managed to sneak out of the house and watch a movie in public, then this is where you’ll find the review.  Posts in this section will be for newer releases than those found in ‘recently viewed’ - mainly because I’m still about 2 years behind on DVDs.

Seen it:
Means this is a movie I’ve seen before, and am either writing about without having watched it recently, or have just watched again.  A slightly under-used category so far, but I hope to expand it as soon as I stop watching new movies (it could happen!)

This section contains all my discussion pieces, and any writing which isn’t a review.

Any significant changes or updates will be listed here, along with movie or DVD news that I feel is worth commenting on.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by.  Your unusual interest in me is flattering. In a way.

(michaelscurfield [at] googlemail.com)


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