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Prometheus On Blu… July 6, 2012

Posted by ghostof82 in : Film General , trackback

Reports are coming in regards the Blu-ray release of Prometheus due early October.  The French Amazon site reveals something of a mixed bag really- some three hours of documentary material/featurettes are possibly more than the film actually deserves, and fifteen minutes of deleted scenes are a tease, frankly, as there is tellingly no word of any Directors Cut. The film is being released, by the looks of it,  in original theatrical 2D/3D versions only.   This pretty much nails my hope that we would see an extended cut that might fix the issues I had with the theatrical release ( a double-dip in 2013? Well, they just love to milk us for more dough, eh?).

It’d be annoying buying the current version which is, in my mind, a broken movie, as there is still likely every chance of the DC being released at a later date (Fox may be replicating the Avatar release strategy), but it’d be fascinating to see all those docs- Amazon France is reporting that there will be screen tests, the viral promos, a two-hour making-of and all sorts of stuff.  Plenty to keep fans happy no doubt.  Certainly the Ridley Scott commentary might be interesting; I don’t know how candid he might be about the film or his thoughts regards any missing footage destined for a later edition, or indeed an eventual sequel. Perhaps we’ll know by October how likely that sequel might be when the dust has settled on worldwide box office returns . Maybe the plan is to release the theatrical cut in October and if worldwide box office is good enough by then, announce a sequel and come up with a DC to tie in with that sequel in three/four years time.

That’s a lot of ifs and maybes, but darn it,  I was sure a DC might fix the film like Ridley did with Kingdom of Heaven. I’m annoyed that we’re not getting it, but hardly surprised; such things take time after all.  Wishful thinking eh?


1. badblokebob - July 6, 2012

Might be worth remembering that Kingdom of Heaven had a regular theatrical-cut release before they later revisited it with the DC. But that was more widely slated than Prometheus (I’ve heard very few people be particularly nice about it, but its consensus on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDb/etc seems to be OK), so maybe he’s not bothering this time?

2. Matthew McKinnon again - July 7, 2012

Do you think a Director’s Cut will fix the film on a conceptual level? The Space Jockeys might turn out to be something other than blue meanies? I hope so.

3. ghostof82 - July 10, 2012

I’m rather hoping (likely in vain) that the Space Jockey’s aren’t actually the Engineers at all, just foot-soldiers created by the Engineers (Space Gods, after all) to do their dirty work, which is why we share DNA with the Space Jockeys. The idea we share DNA with actual Space Gods is utter tripe surely. I hope in vain that Ridley pulls a 2001 and makes the Engineers to be utterly Alien & Unknowable when finallyt revealed in any sequel.

At the very least that would give such a pedestrian film a bit of a twist. If by anychance Ridley reads this, I don’t want any percentage Ridley, just go and do it!

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