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The Eiger Sanction

1975, USA, Clint Eastwood

The Eiger Sanction is an astonishingly silly spy saga which makes Our Man Flint look like gritty realism. Clint Eastwood plays Jonathan Hemlock - actually, he plays the same role he usually does, but there are some hesitant gestures towards characterisation in the first half hour - who is not only a […]

Raising Cain

1992, USA. Brian De Palma

A genuine treat for De Palma fans; a self-mocking, gleefully black, sick joke of a movie that delights in all the things the director is accused of by people who have never liked his work. Steals from other films? Idiotic plotting ? Tons of style and little substance? […]

Orders To Kill

1958, UK, Anthony Asquith
An almost remarkable study of a trained killer, this is Asquith’s best work since the 1930s. It lacks the terrible staginess of adaptations such as The Winslow Boy and The Importance of Being Earnest and isn’t bogged down in the star-dazzled stodge of The VIPs. It’s a harsh, frightening film, shot […]

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