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1998, Canada, David Cronenberg 
eXistenZ - the spelling is important - occupies a similar place in David Cronenberg’s career as Raising Cain does in Brian De Palma’s. Both films are playfully self-reflexive, acting as compendiums of the personal obsessions of their respective directors. The key difference is that while De Palma’s film is little more than an […]

Talos The Mummy aka Tales Of The Mummy

1998, USA / UK / Luxembourg, Russell Mulcahy

Talos The Mummy is not a film to be missed. It is a film to be avoided at all costs. Appropriately, it matches an abysmal screenplay with supreme incompetence in direction. Even the special effects are rubbish.
The best thing about the film is Christopher Lee, who bravely bellows […]

Raising Cain

1992, USA. Brian De Palma

A genuine treat for De Palma fans; a self-mocking, gleefully black, sick joke of a movie that delights in all the things the director is accused of by people who have never liked his work. Steals from other films? Idiotic plotting ? Tons of style and little substance? […]

In Dreams

1999, UK, Neil Jordan
Sometimes it’s difficult to explain exactly how a film goes wrong, and In Dreams is a good example of that. Neil Jordan is a good director, with a sharp visual sense and a good way with actors. The cast of this horror-thriller is excellent, and it looks quite stunning at times. Yet […]

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