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The Spy Who Loved Me

1977, UK/USA, Lewis Gilbert

The Spy Who Loved Me is by far the most popular of the Roger Moore Bond movies in terms of fan adoration and critical response. Let me assure you then that it is not without qualms that I confess to finding it somewhat disappointing on repeat viewings. Since Ian Fleming gave […]

The Swarm

1977, USA, Irwin Allen

The Swarm was Irwin Allen’s most expensive film; not only did the star cast cost a pretty penny, but the numerous special effects set him back a good deal. Allen, “Mr Disaster”, claimed that it would be his most frightening movie yet.
On the surface, it all seemed a good idea. During the […]

The Eiger Sanction

1975, USA, Clint Eastwood

The Eiger Sanction is an astonishingly silly spy saga which makes Our Man Flint look like gritty realism. Clint Eastwood plays Jonathan Hemlock - actually, he plays the same role he usually does, but there are some hesitant gestures towards characterisation in the first half hour - who is not only a […]

Diamonds Are Forever

1971, USA, Guy Hamilton

Diamonds Are Forever is unique among the Bond movies in that it doesn’t really feel like a Bond movie. It’s packed with a kind of camp sadism that owes more to some of the sixties Bond rip-offs than the previous films in the series. The plot is as familiar as ever, concerning […]

Dracula A.D. 1972

1972, UK, Alan Gibson

It seems to be generally accepted amongst serious scholars of Hammer Films that their forays into modern day vampirism are a disaster. I have to hold up a guilty hand, therefore, and admit that I think that they are riotously entertaining - silly, camp and completely of their time, […]

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