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Two they made earlier?

While two of the more written-about films released this week – The Woman in Black and A Dangerous Method – are not remakes in any conventional sense, they can’t be said to cover particularly new ground either. In addition to the highly-regarded original novel by Susan Hill and the long-running theatrical version (not so much […]

25 Film actors

In response to the Film Experience open invitation…
(Strictly alphabetical)
1 Baker, S (Accident)2 Caan, J (Thief)3 Cagney, J (White Heat?)4 Coburn, J (A Fistful of Dynamite / Duck, You Sucker)5 Finch, P (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)6 Fonda, H (Once Upon a Time in the West)7 Garfield, J (Force of Evil)8 Granger, S (Scaramouche)9 Grant, C (North by […]

Il Miglior Farber

Not a reference to how long it’s been since my last entry, long though it certainly has been. Instead, I cheer at today’s long-awaited arrival from the US of  Negative Space, Manny Farber’s book of film criticism. The book had been in my Amazon cart for ages, at the price of about £9, though for […]

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