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Artistic music

I finally saw The Artist last week, having been super-keen to watch it since the reports of its frenziedly positive reception in Cannes last spring; I suppose it goes without saying that I was a bit disappointed. It certainly looked the part, but I was expecting more invention. Ironically, it may all-too-accurately reflect the rather […]

Lars man standing

(The Thing, BFI Southbank, 8.45pm, 29 November 2011)
Last night I got to see a preview of the new version of The Thing, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and a lot of men, most of them beardy Norwegians. I suppose it should be regarded as a remake because it has the same name as John Carpenter’s now-classic […]


I went to see this now-notorious film on its first showing in the UK, as part of the Curzon Soho’s ‘Midnight Movie’ strand on 10 July. This would-be club of bright and brash semi-demi-mondaines seemed a slightly odd choice as the first spectators of what was already billed, since its divisive Cannes premiere, as strong […]

The Prestige

At the heart of The Prestige’s narrative are three mysteries: what is the secret behind the famous ‘Transported Man’ trick by the brilliant young magician Alfred Borden (aka ‘The Professor’); how did Borden’s flamboyant rival Robert Angier (‘The Great Danton’) achieve his second, impossible-seeming version of the same trick; and who was responsible for Angier’s […]

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