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25 Film actors

In response to the Film Experience open invitation…

(Strictly alphabetical)

1 Baker, S (Accident)

2 Caan, J (Thief)

3 Cagney, J (White Heat?)

4 Coburn, J (A Fistful of Dynamite / Duck, You Sucker)

5 Finch, P (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)

6 Fonda, H (Once Upon a Time in the West)

7 Garfield, J (Force of Evil)

8 Granger, S (Scaramouche)

9 Grant, C (North by Northwest)

10 Holden, W (Bridge on the River Kwai)

 11 Lancaster, B (The Leopard)

12 Laughton, C (Rembrandt)

13 Livesey, R (A Matter of Life and Death)

 14 Lorre, P (Arsenic and Old Lace)

15 March, F (Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

16 Mason, J (Lolita)

17 Mitchum, R (Out of the Past)

18 Piccoli, M (La Grande Bouffe)

19 Rathbone, B (Son of Frankenstein)

20 Redgrave, M (Dead of Night)

21 Robinson, E G (Double Indemnity)

22 Ryan, R (The Set Up)

23 Trintignant, J-L (Trans-Europ Express)

24 Veidt, C (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari)

25 Walbrook, A (The Red Shoes)

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  1. Comment by Alison Flynn | 2009/08/28 at 00:47:42

    I love this list. Very different and you reminded me that I forgot all about including Edward G. Robinson on mine. It’s so hard to narrow it down to 25. :)

  2. Comment by Feisty Fucker | 2009/08/28 at 15:25:41

    Replace James Caan with Jean-Paul Belmondo and you’ve got it spot on.

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