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Focalisation, narrative point of view, and spectatorial knowledge in Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan - Category: Audience

How do we choose our favourite films? - Category: Audience

Our interest or theirs: Celebrity and the Press - Category: Audience

Sexual Obsession in Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange - Category: Audience

The importance of Ethnography in Media, Film, and the Arts - Category: Audience


Alien in the monstrous grasp of womankind - Category: Feminism in Film


Self-reflexivity in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park - Category: Film Industry, Genre

The Slasher Film: An Introduction - Category: Genre

Comparing Halloween 1978 with Halloween 2007

Science-fiction just got ugly (with teeth!): Ridley Scott makes fine work of Dan O’Bannon’s Alien


A Brief History of the Short Film - Category: Film Industry/short film

Short Film in the UK: Screen Yorkshire and the independent circuit - Category: Short Film

Short Film in the UK: Film Festivals and Competitions - Category: Short Film


Consumer demand and the American media - Category: Audience/Film Industry

Influence of the Hollywood Studio system 1930 - 1940 - Category: Film Industry

The failures of the British Film Industry since 1945 Category - Film Industry

What is a High-concept movie? - Category: Film Industry

Hammer Horror and British Cinema (1930s to 1970) - Category: Film Industry


ONLINE DVD RENTAL: Love Film, The Good…

ONLINE DVD RENTAL: Love Film…the Bad and the Ugly


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