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Top 10 Dominant Women in Hollywood Film January 3, 2011

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Great female roles are hard to come by. Just ask any Hollywood actress. It’s especially difficult for more mature actresses who see their male counterparts age gracefully and still manage to get tasty roles in quality films. But when a good part does come along, it’s important to grab the opportunity and make the most of it. Powerful female characters in Hollywood films have made for some of the most interesting characters in recent times. Top 10 Films presents the Top 10 Dominant Women in Hollywood Film – a collection of ten actresses and performances categorised by the powerful presence of a female character in the story. Here are ten films and characters where the woman has power over the men. If she is victimised she overcomes this to become the dominator. If she is the antagonist she is either unbeaten or only overcome after a great fight and the guile of the protagonist. In these films the male is often subservient to the female – she is the teacher, the controller, the all-seeing eye. Who are your favourite dominant female characters?


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