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Top 10 Sequels of All Time July 27, 2010

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The sequel phenomenom exploded after the blockbuster success of Jaws and Star Wars in the 1970s. But what are the best sequels ever made? Rodney Twelftree of Fernby Films attempts to answer that question - HERE.

Do you recall that scene in “Scream 2”, where Jamie Kennedy’s character imparts his words of wisdom to a class of students (and so, to us) as to the rule of film sequels? About what must be done to achieve a perfect sequel? Admittedly, the “Scream” formula itself began to run out of puff after the first film, but it laid the groundwork for this Top 10 list, namely the 10 best sequels ever made. Thankfully, this list automatically excludes the “Police Academy” and “Look Who’s Talking” films, so you can rest easy. [More] 

Top 10 Robert Zemeckis Films July 20, 2010

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Robert Zemeckis was once asked if television was a bad influence on children. He answered, emphatically, “television isn’t an education, but I see no reason to turn it off.” What would so many television-starved children give for Zemeckis as a babysitter, or indeed a father: ‘Can I pur-lease watch more TV?’/’Of course you can!’ He was a product of the television generation – this new visual medium that found its way into most American homes by 1960 – that threatened to unhinge cinema’s monopoly of moving image entertainment. Growing up in suburban Illinois, television was not only his outlet to the world… [More]

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He’ll make you laugh, then he’ll make you scream: The Films of John Landis July 10, 2010

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“An American Werewolf In London” is the film that I remember most distinctly as a child. It’s partly because I knew I wasn’t allowed to watch it, partly because it scared me so much. It’s only later in life that I fully appreciate the frightening influence it had on me – the reason I slept with the light on for weeks afterwards – was because it was so good. It is the cinema of attractions, the spectacle. An immediate and direct injection of emotion, be it humour, fear, anger, happiness. John Landis was a master at toying with his audience’s primal emotions. But, with classic Hollywood narrative as his blueprint, he could also tell a great story… [Read More]

Top 10 Horror Films of the 2000s July 4, 2010

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Hollywood decided to remake not only the best horror films it could find in the east but also its own classics. Added gore, 3D, silly titles, worthless sequels, and vacuous characters were the order of the day. So, to discover the best in horror cinema during the 2000s, audiences had to look elsewhere – to Europe, South America, and Australia. There were some gems to be found in the States, but many of the most unique and frightening horror experiences were to be found elsewhere. [Read More]

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