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Star Trek [2009]

The Star Trek reboot is here and JJ Abrams has done for Trek what Chris Nolan did for the Batman franchise. There’s no doubt that this is a great film - fun, inviting, exciting and downright cool. It has taken Trek from the increasingly complicated beast that it had become, and gone back to basics. Owing more to the original Sixties Trek than later incarnations, the film truly is a reboot whilst retaining much of the canon that came before.

Set well before the original series, the film gives a new and alternative account as to how Kirk became Captain of the USS Enterprise. From the opening few minutes, everything you see here is new and fresh but yet reassuringly familiar. With a whole new cast (save Mr Nimoy in an extended cameo as a much older Spock), the film had the difficult task of retaining the charm of the original whilst appealing to both old and new fans and the result is one of the best films the franchise has seen so far. Great performances and wonderful effects alongside a brisk, no-fluff story give the film plenty of appeal to those with short attention spans and Abrams along with Robery Orci and Alex Kurtzman inject a huge amount of humour that gently pokes fun at the characters and ideas of ‘TOS’ whilst retaining a huge amount of respect.

The Good

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are great in the roles of Kirk and Spock

The new Enterprise design retains much of the original’s charm whilst adding huge amounts of detail and realism

The story is great swashbuckling Trek of the old-school type. Kirk gets into fights, romps with aliens and saves the Earth

The film isn’t afraid to changed established history in the biggest of ways - who would have thought that they’d be brave enough to destroy Vulcan and leave it that way with no reset?

It’s funny - laugh out loud funny, but it’s also edge of your seat stuff

The effects are stunning - the best science fiction CGI so far - beautiful (if a little lense flair heavy!)

The OK

Whilst it isn’t rushed, one key piece of the story ended up on the cutting room floor - the Klingon capture of Nero and his subsequent imprisonment on Rura Penthe

There are some minor plot holes - but this would only get the nerds up in arms. The rest of us can overlook them.

The Bad

Not much at all - I liked the entire cast, the story, the acting, the direction and the SFX - is there anything not to like?

The Blu-ray

Gorgeous - colourful, sharp, no digital artefacts. The soundtrack is exhilerating too - active, basy and very very clear. The extras are worthy with loads of deleted scenes filling in some of the narrative gaps. The story was there, but pacing reasons meant that some key narrative was lost and now we can see it all.It’s a great overall package and well worth buying, even for non-fans.

Posted on 19th November 2009
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First image of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood…

I’m resurrecting this blog with a view to using it to post movie news scoops and rumours. To kick off, the film might not have a name yet, but the first image of the Aussie as Sherwood’s mythical criminal shows that he certainly looks the part.

Ridley Scott’s take on the Robin Hood legend is due to hit the cinemas on 14th May 2010 and also stars Cate Blanchett and William Hurt.


Posted on 20th April 2009
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