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The End of clydefro’s Film Journal May 26, 2009

Posted by clydefro in : Modern Films , trackback

But it’s also the beginning of something else. Yes folks, I am leaving behind my humble Film Journal for a still humble new site - clydefro.com. The TCM Ten picks and the reviews, and even a few additional features, will continue. I’ve also moved most of the content from here to there. I will no longer be updating my Film Journal after this week, though it should stay as is for now. This week’s TCM Ten might get cross-posted to remind everyone of the venue change.

Thanks to all the visitors and readers who’ve stopped by over the nearly 3 years I’ve been here. I sincerely hope you’ll help me transition to the new place.


1. baileymarkham - May 26, 2009

I’ll be following you to your new home, clydefro. I so look forward to your TCM 10 each week!

2. John Hodson - May 26, 2009

Great shame; you will be sorely missed.

3. clydefro - May 26, 2009

Thanks baileymarkham!

You make it sound so grim, John. I’m moving out of the neighborhood, but I’ll be in town. We can still have tea every now and then.

Even so, I can tell someone didn’t approve, as I’ve dropped below 5 stars for the first time ever today in that silly rating at the top of the page. Just in time, I guess.

4. Adrian Turner - May 31, 2009

I’ve enjoyed your writing, opinion-wise, and will continue to do so at your new address, web-wise. I’m guessing but maybe when that blistering post 9/11 piece of yours was removed . . . well, if that was me, I’d have gone in a flash, Robert-Wise.

5. clydefro - May 31, 2009

Thanks Adrian, though the disappearance of that particular thing I wrote was entirely self-censored. (And I can’t imagine anything ever actually being removed involuntarily.) It was something I needed to write at the time, but not something that others necessarily needed to read. I felt like it strayed way too far from the topic at hand (diatribe-wise). That said, reading it again now, I may have undervalued it. My thinking in removing the piece was that it could become distracting, but it seems to read pretty well now, and hardly as contentious as I’d feared.

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