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The Man Who Watched Liberty Valance April 29, 2009

Posted by clydefro in : Classic Films, 1960s , trackback

The new Paramount Centennial Collection releases arrived here a couple of days ago. I’ll have full reviews up at DVD Times soon enough. (Please read them.) I have to listen to the commentary tracks on The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but the review is otherwise written. Fingers crossed for no inaccuracies or other embarrassments that may arise when writing about a film of such stature. El Dorado will follow at some point, before the May 19th release date I hope. For now, here’s a comparison between the previous R1 edition of Liberty Valance and this new issue. I don’t think I’m really allowed/encouraged to have an official review up until two weeks before release, but DVD Beaver will probably throw theirs online any day now. Older release is on top and Centennial Collection is bottom.

(click and click again to fully enlarge each)



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