I’m writing this on the back of just having watched Underworld Evolution. A popcorn film with awesome CGI and a fit Kate Beckinsale. However, I do have one major gripe with Underworld and gripe with Hollywood blockbusters in general. That is: why do the villains have to always lose? Why can’t we end a film with the bad guy winning? Watching Evolution, I was rooting for our villain Marcus right from the start. There is a hint that there will be a third Underworld film (which is great), so knowing that, why didn’t the writers end it on a victory for Marcus and his werewolf brother, William? An opportunity missed.

Its not just Underworld that I’ve watched and found myself championing the bad guy. Collateral with Tom Cruise was another film crying out for a victory for the villain. Cruise is awesome and cool. The whole set up of the film was, in my opinion, made for a Cruise success. But, as with every Hollywood film, justice has to be seen as being served and the bad guy ends up defeated. I guess you could argue that the major studios would never allow it to end my way (particularly if a sequel is not planned) but in that case, an alternative ending catered for the DVD market would have been perfect. Would it not have been superb to have seen Cruise finish off Foxx and Smith and walk away with the job well done? A perfect ending for a great film. In Blade II, despite knowing full well it would never happen, I was cheering Nomak to kick Blade’s ass during the final confrontation between the two. I was bitterly disappointed with Blades victory. He didn’t deserve to win.

Of course, not all blockbusters end in victory for the good guys. One reason I like Jeepers Creepers (besides being a fun film) is that the Creeper ends up with a win in the first film. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back is another one, but that doesn’t really count for me as I’m not a great Star Wars fan.

Should have won

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