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To see 100 films. In a year. Simple, really.

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Stylish Blogger Award


1. Livius - March 29, 2011

I was given a Stylish Blogger Award and the conditions are that it should be passed on to seven other worthy blogs. You’re one of them!
See the last comment at http://filmjournal.net/livius/about/ for details.

2. badblokebob - March 30, 2011

Thanks Colin! Most generous of you.

So, in keeping with that, I will now abide by the rules of said award. Firstly, the logo is above. Sparkly. Secondly, I must write seven facts about myself. In a tick. Thirdly, I must pass the honour on to seven more blogs. Tricky.

But, lo:

Seven Facts About Me

1) I became a fan of Doctor Who in the mid-’90s, when it wasn’t even on the telly, and so my love for it was sparked by the Target novelisations rather then series itself.
2) I’m obsessively listy. So much so that, if I watch a Blu-ray I own that’s eligible to be reviewed here, watching & reviewing it will regularly include updating 15 lists. Sometimes more. And some twice.
3) I hadn’t realised how many bloody lists I had until just then.
4) Relatedly, one such list tells me I own 728 films on DVD & Blu-ray that I’ve never, ever seen. (Though that does include a couple of alternate cuts and some double-dips.)
5) Despite that, I’m more likely to watch a film I don’t own that’s on the telly because, well, it’s on now and those 728 films (not to mention the ones I saw in the cinema/rented/etc, plus all my TV DVDs) are always there.
6) I had wanted to make this list about more than just films but feel I’ve been distracted into pondering statistics from my other lists. That happens a lot.
7) Doing the next section has made me realise I don’t read enough personal blogs regularly.

Seven Blogs, in broadly-alphabetical themed clumps

1) Blogtor Who
To be honest, the way Blogtor is written irritates me quite often. I suppose I shouldn’t be giving it this then. Oops. But it is rather good for Doctor Who news for all kinds, and the odd exclusive too.

2) Doctor Who Spoilers
Does what it says on the tin. I know, I’m a very naughty boy. Click the link above for the main “spoiler chart” page, or here for the current blog-styled updates.

3) Heroes of the East
It may be inactive at the minute, but I wouldn’t dare watch or review an Asian film without checking if Cal had covered it first.

4) Musings of the Ghost of 82
A gloriously opinionated blog, which often gets me thinking about all sorts of film-y themes. Witness my exorbitantly long comment on a recent post, f’rinstance.

5) Movie Title Cards
6) The Movie Title Stills Collection
These two blogs do basically the same thing, but it’s a thing I’ve always wanted to see and so I’m addicted to both. Goodness knows why it interests me so, but it does. The link for the latter is the site’s main page; find the bloggy “updates” page here.

7) Live for Films
There are plenty of general film news/review blogs around and this is just another, really, but it’s a decent one that features funny (film-related) videos & that kind of thing alongside said news.

3. Livius - March 31, 2011

You’re welcome.

“one such list tells me I own 728 films on DVD & Blu-ray that I’ve never, ever seen…”
I have to admit I smiled when I read that. I’m in an embarrassingly similar position, so much so that I’m almost afraid to do a full count for fear the total may be even higher. To make matters worse, the postman’s just delivered a fresh armful of stuff this morning - madness!

4. badblokebob - March 31, 2011

Ha, yes, “ever growing” would describe mine too - I only posted that last night and already it’s gone up to 731!

5. Livius - December 30, 2011

I just nominated you for a blog award. You can read about it here:

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