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#19: Devil (2010) July 11, 2012

Posted by badblokebob in : Horror, Thriller, 4 stars, Mystery, 2010s, 2012 , trackback

I’ve had no intention on quitting FilmJournal, as I noted back when I started the new version of my blog. But it’s becoming increasingly awkward, with the behind-the-scenes difficulties in posting posts and editing pages (I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this), as well as posting comments (same again), and most recently with the messed-up-ness of my blog (though I seem to be the only one affected?)

So for that reason, I won’t be posting full reviews here for the time being. Instead, I’ll post things like this — essentially, links to the new review on my other blog. Apologies if you prefer FJ, but that’s the way it looks like it needs to be.

Here’s the link:


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