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#2a: Some Like It Hot (1959) March 22, 2009

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1959 | Billy Wilder | 117 mins | DVD | U / PG-13

Did you know that Some Like It Hot is a remake of a 1951 German film, Fanfaren der Liebe? I didn’t. Anyway…

The first (and last) time I saw Some Like It Hot was so long ago that, even when watching it again, there are whole swathes of the film I didn’t recall. How few clothes Marilyn Monroe wears, for one thing. I guess I was quite young first time. The only thing I did remember was enjoying it immensely; and, enjoying it again, didn’t want to skip the chance of handing it five stars in this pathetically brief review.

To be concise, it’s a very funny film even 50 years on. It rattles from situation to situation at an occasionally surprising pace, literally without a dull moment. Not that there’s anything wrong with slower old films, but its certainly spritely for its age.

And with it, a genuine classic. Never mind some — everyone should like it a lot.

5 out of 5

Sorry for that final pun.


1. Livius - March 23, 2009

Yes, it fair moves along, doesn’t it. In fact, it’s such a fast paced movie that it kind of requires repeated viewings just to catch all the cracks and gags.
A real classic that anyone who cares about the movies should own.

2. Film Upstart - March 25, 2009

Billy Wilder is a much underated director as is Marilyn’s acting ability.
It is a great film

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