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#52a: four short films May 21, 2007

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I’ve decided to collate these four short reviews, as posting them individually seemed… wasteful…

The End

2002 | Tim Clayton & Rob Crowther | download

A very brief film with a slightly silly, slightly amusing idea at its core. It doesn’t outstay its welcome, but it does lose something in that you can see the end coming almost from the start.

2 out of 5

Bus Stop

2004 | Matt Abbiss | download

An animated, somewhat bizarre short about two people waiting at a bus stop. Done in a very simple style with sparse sound, but it’s competently executed and often effective. It has some amusing moments. Not bad, but mainly for people who like this kind of thing anyway.

2 out of 5


2005 | Andy Pearson | download

“Some humans in a park act like dogs” is essentially the premise of this film. It’s a decent enough concept for a short really, and is well executed with some nice little moments. Prettily shot in the Autumn, too.

3 out of 5

Nine 1/2 Minutes

2002 | Josh Appignanesi & Misha Manson-Smith | download

David Tennant (yes, David Tennant!) and Zoe Telford (she’s been in a variety of TV stuff) star in this comedic short about two people on an uncomfortable blind date that lasts just about as long as you might suspect. Genuinely funny for the most part, and easily the most professionally executed of these four shorts, but it does have a somewhat confounding conclusion.

4 out of 5

All of these shorts are currently available for free at LOVEFiLM.


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